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Pacific Alliance International Marketing Ltd. (PAIMLTD) is a diversified, Canadian-based marketing company featuring exclusively selected, high quality products with global appeal. Please follow the links below for more information about our products. PAIMLTD  is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

We are currently featuring The Frylow, Kelzyme and Everwall Green. New items are continually being evaluated for addition to our group, so check back regularly for up-to-date information.

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  FryLow   The Frylow
Extend your deep frying oil life by up to 150%
The FryLow is an innovative catalytic device that simply sits in your deep fryer and provides the most dramatic means of reducing the consumption volume of all types of deep-frying oils with the added benefit of providing the consumer with a far healthier food product of reduced calories and improved taste. Frylow is the perfect solution to the rising costs of deep frying oil.
  Kelzyme For Life
Kelzyme For Life is a natural product and a registered trademark of Environmental Health Science Inc. marketed by Pacific Alliance International Ltd. of Canada and it's affiliates worldwide. Kelzyme is the combination of fossilized kelp, marine algae and calcium, plus 70 trace minerals containing no toxic level heavy metals, artificial additives or extra chemicals of any kind, which interacted with geothermal events that occured several million years ago. This effect produced a near pure or very high concentration of calcium with an abundance of trace minerals in a readily usable state. Calcium is one of the essential elements in life growth. Kelzyme is the natural resource for calcium whithout chemical processing. The nutrition value of Kelzyme is 'without a doubt' necessary to the agricultural and dairy industry, and is a critical supplement for the health of human beings.

Frylow - Kelzyme Natural Soil Conditioner - Everwall Green